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Our Story

La Bella Birth and Baby comes with a unique philosophy: We don’t have one. Our services do not have an agenda.

Our primary goal is to provide you with the education you need to make informed choices, and support you in those choices. It is crucial to our clients that we bring NON-JUDGMENTAL support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

La Bella Birth and Baby Doulas bring a wide range of experience to the table. Each of us have personal and professional experience with different areas of birth. No matter what you are looking for, La Bella Birth and Baby can meet your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum needs.

Let us be that undying, unbiased, and knowledgable support so that you can have the peace of mind you seek and the support you deserve.

>> Meet the Team

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Meet the team

>> Lauren McCoy

>> Chelsea Tate, Agency Owner

>> Susanna Younts, Lead Doula

>> Kristine Willard

>> Whitney Combs

>> Nicole Hunter

Lauren is a Childbirth International (CBI) trained and certified birth doula and birth enthusiast. She resides in Alexander County, North Carolina with her husband, BJ, and their three beautiful children. Aside from her passion surrounding birth and babies, she also enjoy baking, crafting, attending baseball games, and traveling with her family.

She chose to become a birth doula based on her love of babies, women rights, and the miracle of birth. After having her own three children, she realized that her births weren't what she had always envisioned. She decided to dedicate her life to helping other women achieve the birth of their dreams.

Lauren's secondary passion in life is teaching. Aside from working as a birth and postpartum doula, Lauren is also continuing her education at Appalachian State University for Career and Technical Education- Family and Consumer Sciences. She feels that teaching early child development and parenting classes would be a small way for her to make a huge impact on the high school students in our state.

For Lauren, it is an amazing gift to witness women bringing their babies into the world, while simultaneously bringing themselves into motherhood. Along with teaching young women how to become outstanding mothers in the classroom, Lauren also gets to teach women how to have successful and empowering birthing experiences. She could not imagine spending her life doing anything else.

Chelsea has always had a fervent desire to serve her community. After her experience birthing her son left her feeling unsupported, violated, and taken advantage of, she decided to research options that were available to expecting women and families. When she learned what a doula was, she immediately knew that was her calling.

In 2016, Chelsea became pregnant with her second child. Being a doula herself and striving for a VBAC, she knew she had options and used her voice. Although things did not go as planned, she felt empowered by her experience. This, along with her experience as an independent doula, inspired her to launch her agency, La Bella Birth and Baby. 

Chelsea is fully trained to provide Birth and Postpartum Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Binding, classes and more. Her passion is helping to create a cohesive bond between an expecting family and their birth team, and to witness families become empowered by confidently making decisions that are best for them.

Along with her husband and two beautiful children, Chelsea resides in Lexington, NC. Her favorite things to do are read, spend time with her family, and go on vacation. 

Susanna is a Birth Arts International (BAI) trained birth doula. Because of her own journey overcoming the negative effects of a traumatic birth experience, she realizes the importance of being respected and fully supported during pregnancy and labor. Susanna is extremely passionate about helping mothers find their voice and advocate for themselves during pregnancy and birth. Feeling called to birth work, she decided she wants nothing more than to support families as a birth doula.

Susanna lives in Lexington, NC with her husband Garrett and their two children. In her spare time, she likes spending time with friends and family, painting, and going on “staycations” with her husband. She believes that motherhood takes a village and is grateful that she can be a part of that village for the women in her community.

“My passion for pregnancy and birth started when I became pregnant with my first baby. Childbirth was always a scary thing for me, but the more I immersed myself in the knowledge of everything pregnancy and birth, the less fearful and more empowered I became. Natural childbirth was something I desired. Hypnobabies was introduced to me and I had two amazing and beautiful homebirths using it. After my second child was born, I knew my calling was to help women have the birth they desired!

I live in Greensboro with my husband and two children and we enjoy the outdoors. Some of my favorite activities involve being outside. Hiking in the woods, the lake, the beach and swimming are my favorite things.

I am a DONA trained doula and love Hypnobabies so much that I am a trained Hypno-Doula as well. Postpartum services is something I am looking forward to training in sometime in the fall of 2017. I appreciate and respect the traditional approach of creating a support network for the birthing process. It’s important that mothers have the birth circle of their choice surrounding them and providing a safe, nurturing and comfortable environment. My goal is to provide that quality to my doula clients.”

Whitney is an Integrated Birth and Family Alliance (IBFA) trained birth doula. After being present for her niece’s birth, she decided to combine her love of photography with her newfound love for the birth community.

She began her journey by offering maternity, birth, and newborn photography sessions. Whitney has worked alongside many mothers and families to ensure these moments last a lifetime. Capturing such intimate moments created a unique outlook on birth and pregnancy. This has helped Whitney clearly understand the needs of parents as their families grow. This insight into pregnancy and the beauty of growing families led her to further her passion of becoming a doula.

For Whitney, the birthing process is a beautiful and exciting thing. She loves hearing each woman’s unique birth story. Whitney is familiar with all stages of pregnancy. She recognizes that part of this process is understanding the many decisions that go into birth. She wants to support families during this process. It is her goal to ensure that families are well taken care of and that they have access to the information they need.

Nicole’s love for everything birth and babies began at an early age and has been growing ever since. It was intensified after her first birth did not go as planned, resulting in an induction and cesarean section. Nicole’s second birth was followed by a very rocky postpartum period that wasn’t realized until years later. She has always been passionate about helping people. After having children, that passion became focused on mothers and families.

Nicole is a REAL Doula trained and certified birth, postpartum, and newborn doula, and is certified in CPR/First Aid. She is working towards her postpartum and newborn doula certification and other childbirth related training. With her husband and their three children, she resides in Indian Land, SC. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling in her spare time. Nicole is excited and honored to provide unforgettable support to women and their families.

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We are proud to offer IN-HOME Placenta Encapsulation Services! You can rest assured that you will be ingesting your own placenta. We practice the utmost sanitary standards and universal precautions. We even change out each box of gloves in-between clients. You are invited to watch the process, and even take pictures if you like. We can also come to your home while you are in the hospital, and have everything completed, cleaned and the capsules waiting on your kitchen counter when you get home.

By only offering placenta encapsulation services in YOUR home, YOU are in control. Your placenta never leaves your sight, therefore you can rest assured that it is being properly and safely handled. You won’t ever wonder if your placenta got mixed up with someone else’s, if it was left unrefrigerated, or if the workspace was unsanitary. This protects you and the Placenta Specialist. Not only is safety a good reason to choose in-home encapsulation, but we are also able to provide you with some postpartum support as well. Need some help with light household chores? We’ve got it! Need to take a nice, long, warm shower in peace? We can watch the baby for you! Need a compassionate and listening ear to process your birth story? We can offer that. We take care of you in more ways than one, and we take so much pride in that. You won’t regret hiring us for your postpartum needs!


Birth Doula Support

Our training has taught us how to provide unconditional support and how to respect the uniqueness and individuality of every birth experience.

Our ultimate goal is to help create a cohesive and trusting bond between a mother and her birth team to create an unforgettable birth experience. 

La Bella Birth and Baby Doulas will help you interpret scenarios, provide information and research to make decisions, and prepare you with the proper language to communicate your choices with your birth team.

Birth Doula Services includes:

1-2 untimed Prenatal Visits

Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Continuous Labor Support

Immediate Postpartum Support

Postpartum follow-up visit

Community Referrals

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Belly Binding

BengKung Belly Binding has been used for thousands of years in many countries such as Malaysia, Mexico, India, and Japan. Belly Binding is intended to slim the rib cage, belly and hips by offering 360 degree support.

This practice can help the muscles and organs to return to pre-pregnancy placement. Binding is especially helpful to women who have had a cesarean section because it can relieve some of the pressure off of the incision sight and help things heal correctly. It can also help to prevent back, shoulder, and neck pain associated with recovery and nursing. Belly binding can also encourage blood circulation therefore decreasing postpartum bleeding and speeding up the recovery process.

There are emotional benefits to belly binding as well. Women who experience Postpartum Mood Disorders such as Postpartum Depression might find binding helpful by providing a sense of security and support- kind of like a ‘hug’.

La Bella Birth and Baby is excited to make this service available to you during pregnancy as well as the Postpartum period! We will come to your home, birth center, or location of your choice to show you how to properly bind your abdomen, answer any questions you have, and leave you tightly and comfortably bound before ending the session.

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Postpartum Doula Support

The Postpartum period is often referred to as “The Fourth Trimester” and rightfully so! Whether you are a first time parent, or a seasoned parent, bringing a new baby into the household is usually not an easy task. We are trained to offer Postpartum Doula support. A postpartum doula brings her experience, education, and support to parents and their newborns while providing non-judgmental and unbiased support. The doula's primary focus is on the mother's recovery after birth and the baby's transition to life on the outside. Imagine you have just arrived home with your new little one. There is laundry to be done, dishes to be washed, groceries to be bought, but your baby needs you to tend to his/her needs. Maybe your partner has returned to work and your family from out of town has left? Whatever the situation may be, we will be there to help make the transition to life with a newborn easier for you and your family.

At La Bella Birth and Baby, our doulas are well trained in breast and bottle feeding, sleep guidance, emotional and physical recovery after birth, infant soothing  and more. Our doulas are happy to assist with light housekeeping, running errands, meal preparation and planning, and the general needs of the family during the postpartum period and beyond. Our range of knowledge extends to cloth diapering, babywearing, baby-led weaning, home organization, newborn care, SNS (supplemental nursing systems), car seat safety, and so much more!

We are so proud to offer overnight postpartum doula services! We will handle all things baby so that you can get a restful night's sleep. We will tend to your baby's sleep schedule however you see fit- whether that be rocking baby to sleep, getting baby on a routine sleep schedule, or transitioning baby from co-sleeping/bassinet to crib. You deserve a full night of sleep so that you can take care of you and your family to the best of your ability! Please contact us for more information about overnight care and package options.

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Pregnancy Doula Support

We will never ever advertise the message that every woman NEEDS a birth doula. Some women and families would really like to utilize the benefits of having a doula, but either don't feel comfortable adding another person to the labor room, or would simply rather labor alone. And that's okay! This is why we offer the option for Pregnancy Doula Support. This package includes the following:

-3 untimed prenatal sessions where we will discuss your birth preferences and create a birth plan that reflects those desires in contingency with your birthing center
-Practice comfort techniques
-Briefly discuss a few Childbirth Education topics
-Address any questions or concerns you have so that you feel fully prepared for your upcoming birth

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Our mission at La Bella Birth and Baby is to provide classes that satisfy the needs of EVERYONE in our community. We respect every type of birth and every decision that women and families make. We provide an array of different classes to prepare you for whatever goals you have for your pregnancy, labor, and birth experience. If you are looking for a specific curriculum that you do not see listed here, please reach out to us and let us know! We are always open and looking to add new classes to our list! Our Public Class Schedule is listed below. We also provide private in-home classes at your convenience.

We currently offer:

-Birth Partner 101
-Childbirth Education
-Comfort Measures for Labor: The Five Senses
-VBAC Education

Coming Soon:

-Homebirth Prep
-Car Seat Safety Education
-Postpartum Prep
-Newborn Care

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Class Descriptions

Birth Partner 101

Childbirth Education

Comfort Measures : The 5 Senses

You’ve been to the childbirth education and Lamaze classes, and you both prepared for what her body is about to do. But do YOU feel prepared on how to support her emotionally and physically? Do you feel prepared on how to support you too? Oftentimes, the birth partner gets pushed aside as mom is being taken care of. This is usually unintentional, but can happen at any point during pregnancy, labor, and/or the postpartum period. This class is designed specifically for the birth partner and/or support person(s) to prepare you emotionally and physically for the road ahead.

Cost: $30/person or $55/couple; covers the cost of custom class booklets, other class materials, and a snack

Our Childbirth Education class is a 3-4 hour comprehensive guide on the labor process, how birth works, common hospital and birth center procedures, birth planning, B.R.A.I.N., a brief overview of comfort measures, breastfeeding, the postpartum period and more. During this class, we will focus on how to stay calm in the moment and make thoughtful decisions when they matter the most. If you don't have time to take a Child birth Education series, this class is perfect for you!

Cost: $100/couple; covers the cost of custom class booklets, other class materials, and a snack

Learn how to utilize the 5 senses to enhance comfort during pregnancy and labor. Our professionally trained doulas will teach you some of their tips and tricks used for birth clients. These techniques can be practiced in almost any birthing situation, including whether or not you choose to have pain medication during labor. These tips are great to have on hand for unexpected situations such as a fast labor or failed epidural. Don't want a birth doula? No problem! Take our Comfort Measures class and equip yourself with a few professional hands-on techniques so that you can deal with the intensity of birth!

Cost: $30/person or $55/couple; covers the cost of custom class booklets, other class materials, and a snack

Have you ever heard "Once a c-section, always a c-section?" More and more women are learning that this is no longer true. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean is usually much safer and reasonable option versus a scheduled repeat cesarean. Our goal is to educate more women about this option and provide them with research and statistics so that they can make a truly informed decision.

VBAC Education is designed to prepare you with statistics, research, medical terminology and general knowledge about VBAC/CBAC/RCS so that you can be fully prepared for your upcoming birth. Struggling with deciding between VBAC and RCS? This is the perfect starting point. Spots are filling up quickly so be sure to register now! 

Cost: $30/person or $55/couple; covers the cost of custom class booklets, other class materials, and a snack

View our Public Class Schedule below.

 Additionally, we provide private in-home classes at your convenience.

Please contact us to schedule your private class. 




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