Our Birth Doula Services include the following:

-1-2 untimed prenatal sessions: During these sessions, we will discuss your birth preferences and create a birth plan reflecting those wishes. We will practice multiple comfort measures techniques that can be used with and without pain medication (these include rebozo techniques, counter pressure, massage, breathing techniques and more!). Your birth doula will also get to know your spouse/birth partner and answer any questions and concerns they have, and equip them with tips on how to support mom.

-Comprehensive Childbirth Education class that covers in detail: the stages of pregnancy, nutrition and exercise, common tests and procedures, stages of labor, variations of normal, comfort techniques, the role of the birth partner, methods of induction, cesarean section, breast/bottle feeding, newborn care, and more!

-Access to labor tools: Each of our doulas has a different set of labor tools that they use for their clients. This can include (but is not limited to): a rebozo, essential oils, essential oil diffuser, peanut ball, massage tool, birth ball, Hypnobabies CD's, lending library of Childbirth Books, and more.

-Convenient Online Client Portal: As soon as you sign the contract, you will receive a password-protected online client portal where you can find all of your forms, important documents, and other information all in one place.

-24/7 on-call support: From the moment you sign the contract, we are on call for you. This means if something weird happens at 3am and you're not sure whether or not to call your doctor, you can call us and we will guide you through it. We are here for you!

-In-person labor support: You and your doula will be in touch as soon as you think you might be in labor. When you and your partner are ready for in-person support, your doula will come to you even if you plan on laboring at home before heading to your birthing location.

-Immediate Postpartum Support: Your doula will stay with you for at least one hour postpartum to ensure that you and your brand new family are adjusting well. We will make sure that your birth partner(s) has had a chance to grab a bite to eat, use the restroom, and take a breather. Need help with that initial breastfeeding session? No problem! All of our doulas have basic lactation training so we can help you and your little one get the hang of nursing.

-Postpartum Follow-Up Visit: Included in our Birth Doula Services is one 1 hour postpartum follow-up visit. During this session, we can answer any questions you and/or your partner have about recovery, breast/bottle feeding, newborn care, and anything else on your mind. We will provide a listening ear if you need to process your birth experience. If there is anything we can do around the house such as dishes, laundry, or changing the sheets on the bed, we will gladly assist. We will do whatever we can to support you and make the transition to life with a newborn easier on you!

Investment: $1200+

We are very flexible with payment plans and also offer insurance reimbursement forms!

"I could literally write an entire BOOK on how amazing my experience was with La Bella Birth and Baby. From the childbirth classes, to the prenatal meetings, to the unconditional talk/text support 24/7, to birth support, and postpartum support: they never once failed to exceed my expectations. Chelsea went above and beyond for me when I was pregnant, and listened to me vent and cry, and educated me when my partner and I needed it the most. Without her support and education. I would not have had the birth of my dreams."

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Are you looking for extra support and childbirth education during your pregnancy and birth experience? Or maybe your baby is already here and you are in need of some overnight help or breastfeeding/bottlefeeding support?

 Our doulas have provided professional, compassionate, and knowledgable care to families in the Triad, Charlotte, and surrounding areas of North Carolina for almost 10 years. We take pride in being well connected in the perinatal community and are able to offer a modern approach to doula care.

La Bella Birth and Baby is your one stop shop for all things educational during your pregnancy and postpartum journey. We hope to bring you comfort and peace as you navigate new parenthood!

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